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Welcome to Bittersweet! Join the Celebration as Michelle completes her fight with Cancer
December 31, 2016

Her voice and what you will read puts life into perspective in a way that is so real and reflective. I hope you find a glimmer of something meaningful that touches your heart as it has touched mine.

Fondly, Dawn

For more of her inspiring words and to follow her story on FB click here to read BITTERSWEET.  

Bittersweet November 24, 2016

There is always something to be thankful for....even in a storm.  Its cliche but true. Expressing gratitude makes EVERYTHING better. Love to you all.  BE THANKFUL ALWAYS.

Bittersweet September 24, 2016

Hi :). I think about you all every day 💕.

Bittersweet August 3, 2016

Perspective. 3 years ago I shaved my head. Felt like an alien, scared about the fight ahead and confused about my place in this world. 2 years ago I had my last treatment, sick, foggy and worn out. 1 year ago I was in Istanbul celebrating life and thankful to be alive. Dramatic but true. Today started alone on the very same beach where this all began and ended with the loving close friends that were here on that crazy uncertain day 3 years ago. Can't explain how I feel, but trying to honor this moment with out living in the past. Grateful beyond.

Bittersweet July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th 🇺🇸. Expressing gratitude and love to you all. Share with me....What are you thankful for? ‪#‎inthistogether‬

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